people who are alive, people who are gone 

In Temple, you hear so many cries and see many deaths
but there is so much love around each death
you miss them, because you had such a great time

yes, it is good to be alive
but the people who are gone used to be alive once and had a great life
that’s why they are there at Temple
you will die eventually too
and you will love so many and will be loved by so many until that time

and if you think of the people who are still alive
the people who you were camping with
the people who were on the playa

it must be countless
you could even see them
you could even touch them
what beautiful creatures

and the people who used to be in your life
the people who you used to love
the people who changed you life

they are still there somewhere out in a world
sometimes sadly, but sometimes happily
living their life
even if you may never see them again
they are still alive

you can hold onto only a certain number of people at the same time
you have limited time, limited resources and your life changes as time goes by
you sometimes have to let them go
Or you will have to let everyone go eventually
you will die alone anyway
you can’t take them with you

but I'm grateful I met them in my life
I'm grateful we loved each other at some point of our life

Temple always teaches me so


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